F*ck Perfect ~8 Week Workshop

Fuck Perfect is an 8-week online workshop that is FREE to attend. During the workshop we will look at all the tricky ways perfectionism shows up in our lives, and take inspired and creative risks together through art-making, discussion, and self-reflection.

Over the 8 weeks we will meet twice a week. We will explore different art mediums with local artists, meet new friends, and create together!

When we start to take the power away from perfectionism, we help to change the harmful power structures of white supremacy. This gives us the opportunity to create the kinds of communities where everyone's voice is heard (it is ok if this brings up a lot of questions: if you do not know what this means, talk to us, we care deeply about this stuff and love learning together).

We are holding spaces for people who self-identify as: Black, Indigenous, Person Of Colour (BIPOC), LGBTQ2I+, newcomers, people struggling with mental health and/or addictions, and/or people with visible and invisible disabilities.