From the recording Bloom

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Written & Produced By: Joni NehRita
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered: Rick Hutt
Synth Bass & Synth Pads: Chris Rouse
Drums: Adam Bowman
Piano Solo & Lead Synth: Thomas Hammerton
Guitar: Nick Zubeck


Verse 1:
When I was a little girl
Kinda lived in my own world
Diana Ross & Michael Jackson
Made sense to me, made me feel free

Mixed tapes from the radio
MTV & Solid Gold
Solo dance parties in my room
Were friends to me, they set me free

True. Ev'ry step I ever made, I made with you
You're the only thing to lift me from my mood
You know what you do
Music, here's my Ode 2 U!

Verse 2:
Parents didn't understand
Thought I should get a better plan
But music never was a choice
It gave me life to find my voice
Through life's many ups & downs
You have always been around
Been my light & my salvation
Because of you I made it through

Repeat Chorus

The days of pursuit left me with sleepless nights
Whether it's wrong or right, I wouldn't change a thing
I know it sounds crazy, but I live my life...
in service of you, you know what you do.
Music here's my Ode 2 U!

Repeat Chorus 2x