From the recording Bloom

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Written & Produced By: Joni NehRita
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered: Rick Hutt
Bass: Attila Toth
Drums: Adam Bowman
Piano: Chris Rouse
Guitar: Ryan Boisselle
Synth: Joni NehRita


Verse :
He walks head down
as thought he's sorry for his existence
He's losing ground because his demons are so persistent

Pre CH: Oh whoa, whoa
What went wrong, what made you feel so bad?
Whoa, whoa wanna give you all the loving you never had

We know it's not perfect but this life can have moments when it's heaven on earth.
We are our brother's keeper's,
it's our job to remind one another of what we're worth.
You've had some misfortune and I wish I could show you, we all have room to shine.
We are our brother's keeper, so I'll watch out for your back and know that you'll have mine.

Verse 2:
She talks real loud, just to make sure that she feels heard.
She tires me out 'cause there's no heart behind the words.

Pre CH: Oh whoa whoa, life's not a race, it's ok to take your time.
Whoa, whoa whoa, explore yourself- you
may like who you find

Repeat Chorus

You don't have to know somebody to love somebody.