1. Start Over

From the recording Bloom

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Written & Produced By: Joni NehRita
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered: Rick Hutt
Bass: Tyler Wagler
Drums: Adam Bowman
Keys: Thomas Hammerton
Guitar: Nick Zubeck


Verse 1
I may have been the one to walk away.
Little too caught up in my own pain.
It was a matter of flight or fight.
Been going over how to make it right.
All of my fancy words,
will they be heard by you?

I wanna start over.
Forget what I said.
This weight on my shoulders
Makes you hard to forget
Out of sight, out of mind's what they told me.
It's a lie 'cause I did try to lose the scent of you.
I wanna start over. Start over with you.

Verse 2:
We all have scars, truth be told.
We all have sins we need atoned.
Mine was the fear of getting too close.
You must've thought I had a heart of stone.
All of my fancy words- will they be heard by you?