Body Grooves 101 Online Workshop


Body percussion is a fun, engaging and no-tech way to learn about rhythm, rhythmic structures and groove.

In this workshop, I'll introduce the basics of body percussion- we'll explore sounds, go through some rhythmic games and exercises that will help you to understand, and more importantly, feel pulse vs sub-division of the beats vs groove. Then we'll put it all together and play grooves that go along with particular genre/styles of music including pop/rock, reggae, R&B and samba and maybe even try singing on top of what we're playing!

Body percussion and body music (singing + body percussion) can bring an extra element of musicality to choirs, jams, classrooms and more. The no-tech nature means it's accessible and can be done anywhere and since our bodies are the literal instruments, it's an embodied practice that helps us to feel the music, in a deeper way.

I plan to give more body percussion and body music in the future, so join the email list if you'd like to keep up with my offerings.

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