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Artist Statement

Music & art are powerful because they have the capacity to disrupt intellectual thought & get right to our hearts. They engage the core of our humanity by illuminating truths which then fuel us and our potential to initiate radical change.

Since I was a child I have used writing (songs, poems, journalling) as a way to process my feelings and the world around me. My music celebrates life and love, both personal and in the greater sense. There have also been consistent themes of social justice & equity for all. I’ve always felt compelled to make music that is includes social commentary and is reflective.  I hope that by asking deeper questions, we may find ways to break down our own barriers and "be the change" we  seek.

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You will definitely help me up my game in terms of allowing me the financial security to dig in to new works & refine my skills. You'll receive everything above + 1) you will be able to attend any of my online events/workshops at no extra cost 2) Have a question or want to pick my brain about something (about music, songwriter, social justice, etc)? I’ll do my best to answer them at least once a month


You really resonate with my music & message in a deep way & I am so grateful. Perks: ABOVE + 1) Want me to cover a song you love? (1 per year *I reserve the right to refuse a song based on lyrical content*)  2) 30 min one-on-one session with me on topics including: songwriting, artistic practice, vocal technique, music appreciation (up to 3 sessions per year)


You are truly helping me reach new heights! deep bow of gratitude to you! Perks: ABOVE + A song commission- you’ve earned it! I’ll write a song about something important to you. We’ll discuss the situation, person, topic & I will write you an original song about it (1 per year, deliverable: mp3 or video of me performing the song)