1. Shaken

From the recording Bloom

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Written & Produced By: Joni NehRita
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered: Rick Hutt
Bass: Tyler Wagler
Drums: Adam Bowman
Keys: Thomas Hammerton
Guitar: Nick Zubeck


Verse 1:
In my youth I was told love would be the answer/
Wholeheartedly I agreed/ while daddy shook his head and said/" you don't know them. You know nothing of the greed of men"/
How negative you are I said/don't you know we were born to embrace the light?/"hahaha...a realist is what I am. I know what I've seen in this life. Try as we may, we're not capable of change."

Pre Chorus 1:
After years of fighting with peaceful resistance/ a sinking feeling's taking hold/
And contrary to our outward insistence/a hardened heart begins to grow

I don't wanna admit it but I'm shaken, I'm shaken/
The hope I used to know feels forsaken, forsaken/
Too many horror stories to believe/peace can be the outcome of our collective grief/

Verse 2:
So many days spent on the streets with my comrades & picket signs/ And I learned solidarity/
Then I came to see our so-called leaders/even those with the right words-/money could always buy/
"How horrible", we said, "but we will never give up the fight!"/
But rhetoric and payoffs can hamper all the well-laid plans and out of me they've made a liar/

Pre Ch 2:
Election time brings fevered promises/ but for the poor things will never change/
Looking back to when we were idealist/ but now the innocence has turned to rage!/

Repeat Chorus 2X