X-Camera Presents: Joni NehRita~ Better Me: Songs For Community

X-CAMERA- An Experimental Learning Circle Speakers Series

Joni NehRita: Better Me ~ Songs For Community

The late, great Nina Simone says an artist's duty is to reflect the times. Vladmir Mayakovsky says, "Art is not a mirror held up to society, but a hammer with which to shape it".

This talk will explore Joni's in-the-works project, called "Better Me ~ Songs For Community" which feature 10 new original songs that aim to: build resilience, challenge the status quo, promote diverse experiences, normalize speaking about sensitive topics, cultivate empathy, encourage critical thinking and provoke conversations on how to build a more equitable world. By exploring these themes, we may change our inner worlds. By changing our inner world, we may begin to influence, and therefore change the world around us.

Each person has power that we mostly drift through life unaware of. How we use our voices and energy has an impact on our communities, families and workplaces. If we are each harnessing our own power and will for the greater good, and meeting with others to sing and discuss these ideas, positive outcomes will (hopefully) "spill over" as a result. Good work takes time, so let's begin.

This is a free online event hosted by Inter Arts Matrix