"Tapped" and insights from another generation

I just got back from a viewing of "Tapped" (doc on the commodification of water) and on my way out I had a very enlightening/frightening chat with an older man from Holland who lived for 3 years under Hitler's rule. We chatted a bit about the film and the general fight against the Central Banking System, Corporations, the poisoning of our food, etc. He told me that what the average person doesn't realize is that we (Canada and other nations) are very much headed in the direction of fascist rule. We are so comfortable, complacent and lazy that we don't see that inch by inch our rights and freedoms are being taken away because no one is saying "And now we're going to slaughter hundreds of thousands of people and/or poison you". We need to remember, he said, that many people did not take Hitler too seriously. He remembers "the lone nut" in his village who tried to rally people against Hitler and warn them of what letting him go unchecked could mean. We all know how that turned out...When will we at large wake up to the sobering fact that we are on such a slippery slope in so very many ways? When will use each dollar we spend as a vote for the kind of world we want to live in and leave for future generations? I don't know the answer, but I do know that I am committed to "do my part" in as many ways as I can. It can be so tricky in this modern society and though I do find my own hypocrisies daily, I would rather see and own them than remain asleep. That is all for now. Be well.

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