It's OK To Be a Little Scared

 This was written on Tuesday Oct. 16, 2012

Today was my 6th Guelph Glee session.  We're getting into a groove and having a really good time.  Some of the singers aren't quite out of their shells yet, but everyone seems to be finding the experience rewarding and they all want to continue into November and December.
Tonight the new thing on the menu was my arrangement of Eleanor Rigby.  It's simple, but not easy.  And so I found it challenging to split my brain (and hands) into different compartments and give each section what they needed.  In exasperation, I quietly joked "Omigosh! Can I really do this?".  And then realizing that a few students had heard me, quickly  said, "Yes I can!  We're gonna rock this!".  
One of the older students chirped up supportively, "Of course you can do it, Joni.  Don't doubt yourself".  Such a small thing, really.  But her words had weight and power behind them and were precisely the lift I needed that week.  I mean, I've never arranged and conducted a choir before!  Yes, I have been teaching for over 12 years, have run music summer camps and workshops, but this choir director thing is completely new territory and it is challenging to keep all of the "balls up in the air".  Give the altos their note, make sure the mezzos come in on the right beat, play all the parts simultaneously on piano all the while listening to make sure they're "getting it".  Whew!
But hey, I've long ben a fan of doing things that scare me a little, or even a lot.  The sense of accomplishment you feel when you pull off something that you weren't quite sure you could is a good better than enjoying a lemon square and a fresh brewed Ethiopian Coffee.  Ahhhh, coffee- that's for another blog!

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